L2 Ethernet Courses

L2 Ethernet Courses

cloud l2ethernetInvented in the 1980's by Bob Metcalfe - Ethernet revolutionazed bandwidth and connectivity in Local Area Networks (LANs).  That was then.  This is now.

Today Ethernet is used to provide services around the world and is used not only in the LAN, but the WAN as well.  We can no longer simply call Ethernet a LAN protocol.  As the protocol has developed, so have the features and functions.  Learning Ethernet switching and learning the fundamentals of how Ethernets operate is crucial in todays networks for anyone in the networking field.  

We have combined L2 Ethernet and L3 courses listed under the IPv4 course category and the IPv6 course category

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CSI-HO-009-A - L2 Ethernet in a Day - 1 Day Hits: 643
CSI-HO-009 - Ethernet 101 Hits: 5899

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