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If you are an long time telephone company individual, or if you are new to the telephone company, and you would like to take a little look back at the original Telephone Company (Telco) terms and methods, we have the place for you.  Plus it is absolutely free!

Looking back at the definitions of terms and methods used to implement telephone switching is both interesting and revealing.

The information in this course is offered as a reference. There are no video lectures associated with this course.

We hope it is helpful to those doing research, answering curiosity, or simply looking back at the wonderful world of traditional telephone networks.

We gladly accept offers to update and provide input to the content.  Simply click on Suggestions at the top menu.

We have divided our reference into the following subjects/sections:

  • A Telephony Reference
  • A Switching Reference
  • Some Transport Protocols/Technologies
  • Step-By-Step Switching Overview CDO (Small) Office Reference
  • Telco Wiring Frames
  • SxS Call Overview
  • SxS Call Detail
  • SD Numbers

Click Here to go to our Online Courses to take this self-paced and free class on the original telco methods and processes.  Simply create a free user account at the Online School, and enjoy.

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