Wireshark Courses

Wireshark Courses

WiresharkFinWireshark Packet and Protocol Analysis skills are critical in today's networks.  Protocols are like languages.  Learning to analyze the network protocols requires us to learn a number of different languages of the network.  Our courses teach you Wireshark, but they teach you through the study of these protocols.  Like any language, you have to "Capture Every Day" (click on the link to find our "#captureeveryday" posts) to keep yourself fluent, and keep your skills sharp.

Whether you are a field tech, a data center engineer, or a generalist in IT, you need to know how to use Wireshark and you need to learn these languages.  For many, this free tool has been under the radar, or even kept off the radar, for far to long.  The most common problem reported by users is "my network is running slow".  Swapping equipment, or re-booting gear, may temporarily mask the problem. 

The solution is to capture and analyze packets, and learn how to troubleshoot the issues, while learning how the Internet and all of the protocol languages actually works!  Here are the most popular Wireshark classes.

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