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telecom trainingAre you paying more than $1000 per student for a multi-day "Hands On" Lab class? 

Then you are paying way too much!

At CellStream, we offer multi-day hands-on lab classes using your computer/laptop and our state of the art multi-router and/or multi-switch lab systems:

  • We can connect to them from anywhere in the world
  • We leverage the Cloud in our course creation, delivery, and lab experimentation environments.  
  • We use Virtualization technologies to create environmentally friendly lab scenarios
  • We also understand that Instructors also make all the difference when learning technology.
  • Our instructors write and create our courses. These are not shrink-wrapped courses that are taught by someone who has learned the course.
  • Our instructors can explain the "how", and they can answer the "why" questions, because we deeply understand the technology, and in some cases created the technology.

To view our course calendar, find a course, select it, then register and pay for a CellStream course, click here.

We also understand that Instructors also make all the difference when learning technology.  Our instructors write and create our courses.  These are not shrink-wrapped courses that are taught by someone who has learned the course.  Our instructors can explain the "how", and they can answer the "why" questions, because we understand the technology, and in some cases created the technology.

cert starWe have flipped the certification model!!  Want to learn more? Interested in our Certification Program?  Look here!


 Listed below are the current available CellStream Courses, by category.  Click on any category title and the list of courses in that category will be displayed. 

At the bottom of the page is a complete listing of all the courses.



Online Self Paced Courses

cloud onlinelearningOur online, self paced courses can save you a lot of money, plus add flexibility given busy schedules to learn and expand your knowledge.  


Most of these courses are between 4 and 8 hours of total time and you can download a certificate for your learning upon completion of the courses.  We include lab and hands on exercises to practice what you learn, driving the learning experience deeper and making it more valuable.  Most of the courses allow you to take up to 30 days to complete the course!  And there are forums to send questions to the instructors.  We think you will really enjoy the Online Learning experiences we have created.  All courses can be paid for via Paypal, and with successful payment your access is immediate.

Wireless LAN Operations Courses

smart home 3096224 640We are told that 60% or more of customer calls to their service providers are wireless networking (Wi-Fi/WLAN) related.

With more and more Internet of Things devices connecting to the Wi-Fi/WLAN service providers need to focus and polish their team skills on this subject. Furthermore, we continue to get newer and more capable versions of Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi 4, Wi-Fi 5, and now Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E).

Use of the correct tools, correct troubleshooting, and correct deployment of WLAN networks is crucial in todays business model. 

We have developed the courses in this area to help our Service Provider customers - addressing Customer Service Representatives (CSR's), Technicians (Field and CO), and Engineers alike.  The courses in this category have an immediate impact by reducing call backs, reducing truck rolls, improving communication, and improving customer service.  From the CSR, to the field technician, the following courses efficiently address this need for improved understanding and skills in WLAN Operations.

IPv4 Courses

v4cloudThe great Internet that we know and love suceeded because of the Internet Protocol version 4.  The Internet Protocol is the language and addressing of the Internet.

The courses in this category will provide hands on skills and knowledge training focused on IP version 4 operations.  This is the dot decimal format so many of us have used in our networks, our homes and our businesses.  Who has not said "192 - dot - 168 - dot - one - dot - one", or something very similar? IPv4 is about addressing, subnetting, private and public, Network Translation, QoS (Quality of Service), and so much more.

Knowing these subjects is critical to supporting Internet based services for any technical person, whether you are in support, or installation and maintenance.

IPv6 Courses

v6cloudWith the supply of IPv4 addresses exhausted, everyone in networking is scrambling to convert their networks and their knowledge/skills to the next generation Internet Protocol - IPv6. 

Tier 2 and Tier 3 Rural networks are rapidly tackling the challenge of conversion to IPv6.  Most Tier 1 service providers have already done so.  Unlike IPv4 which has a 32 bit number-dot-number-dot-number-dot-numer (dot decimal) format and lnguage, IP version 6 uses a 128 bit number-colon-number-colon-number-colon-number-colon-number-colon-number-colon-number-colon-number format, and instead of being dot decimal, this is all hexadecimal!  More numbers means more addresses, plus it means more functionality, and different functionality.

Our "Hands On" courses teach IPv6 from the basics to the advanced subjects. 

Whether you are a field technician, central office engineer, or IT person, you need a solid hands-on skill base on IPv6.  The courses below will get you there.

Wireshark Courses

WiresharkFinWireshark Packet and Protocol Analysis skills are critical in today's networks.  Protocols are like languages.  Learning to analyze the network protocols requires us to learn a number of different languages of the network.  Our courses teach you Wireshark, but they teach you through the study of these protocols.  Like any language, you have to "Capture Every Day" (click on the link to find our "#captureeveryday" posts) to keep yourself fluent, and keep your skills sharp.

Whether you are a field tech, a data center engineer, or a generalist in IT, you need to know how to use Wireshark and you need to learn these languages.  For many, this free tool has been under the radar, or even kept off the radar, for far to long.  The most common problem reported by users is "my network is running slow".  Swapping equipment, or re-booting gear, may temporarily mask the problem. 

The solution is to capture and analyze packets, and learn how to troubleshoot the issues, while learning how the Internet and all of the protocol languages actually works!  Here are the most popular Wireshark classes.

L2 Ethernet Courses

cloud l2ethernetInvented in the 1980's by Bob Metcalfe - Ethernet revolutionazed bandwidth and connectivity in Local Area Networks (LANs).  That was then.  This is now.

Today Ethernet is used to provide services around the world and is used not only in the LAN, but the WAN as well.  We can no longer simply call Ethernet a LAN protocol.  As the protocol has developed, so have the features and functions.  Learning Ethernet switching and learning the fundamentals of how Ethernets operate is crucial in todays networks for anyone in the networking field.  

We have combined L2 Ethernet and L3 courses listed under the IPv4 course category and the IPv6 course category

Wireless Courses - Wi-Fi and Cellular

WirelessTechThe world of wireless is a broad set of technologies and solutions.

The following courses are available via Web Based Delivery only: they are either instructor led (a live instructor using Web based training technology like Zoom, Webex, MyRoom, etc) or Self Paced using our Online School.  Understanding Wireless, is an almost overwhelming task. There are so many different categories of Wireless: Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Enabling the Internet of Things - technologies that support wireless IoT capabilities, and so many more. Having knowledge and skills in wireless technologies is critical in today's networks as everyone uses wireless in some form or fashion.  The courses in this category are targeted to developers, implementors, and testers using the appropriate level of technology depth to provide knowledge, understanding and skills in their job functions.

Enabling the Internet of Things Courses

web 2496193 300A variety of technologies are being created and standards released that support the Internet of Things (IoT). 

From wireless sensors to protocols that provide IoT specific functionality, developers and testers will be very interested in the courses of this category.  These classes are all instructor led, web-based delivery or online self paced video courses at the Online School.

MPLS Related Courses

mplscloud1Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) appeared on the networking technology horizon and has revolutionized the core service provider and enterprise networks.  From Layer 3 VPN technology, to Traffic Engineering, to Layer 2 transport, MPLS ushered in new services all based on the Internet control plane technologies.  These hands on courses teach the fundamentals and then dive deep into the various MPLS based solution using hands on lab exercises to drive home how it works.

Technology Overviews/Briefings

pexels photo 936081The courses in this category are designed to be short (usually 4 hour instructor led, web based delivery) format, technology overviews designed to meet the knowledge level needs of managers and supervisors, or just individuals who would like a higher level briefing on how a particular protocol or technology works. 

Service Provider/General Courses

birds flight freedom sky 162196The courses in this category and either general telecommunications or targeted to the service providers.  These courses can be very helpful for new employees, like the Telecom 101 course, or they provide topical surveys of telecom related topics.  Some of the courses are available as self paced, online instruction, or as instructor led on site instruction.  See the course details for more information.

Title Hits
CSI-SP-005 - Telecom 101 Hits: 11456
CSI-OL-002 - Wireshark 101 Fundamentals Hits: 1819
CSI-OL-003 - Data Networking 101 - the packet networking essentials Hits: 1649
CSI-OL-004 - Ethernet 101 - The Basics of Ethernet Hits: 1706
CSI-OL-005 - Understanding IPv4 Addressing and Subnetting Hits: 1798
CSI-OL-006 - IPv4 Routing 101 - the basics with RIP, OSPF, and BGP Hits: 1550
CSI-OL-008 - Getting to Know IPv6 - An Overview Hits: 1366
*FREE* - Signaling System 7 - SS7 Hits: 6863
*FREE* - Telephone Company Switching Overview Hits: 7040
*FREE* - Fiber Optics Termination Hits: 1125
*FREE* - Learn Linux! Hits: 1193
*FREE* - Learn Python Hits: 1311
*FREE* - Learn Git! Hits: 1086
*FREE* - Learn Netmiko! Hits: 1017
*FREE* - Learn Ansible! Hits: 1166
*FREE* - Learn SDN! Hits: 1067
CSI-HO-035 - Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi Security in the Wireless LAN Hits: 438
CSI-HO-020-G - Explore Packet Analysis with Wireshark - WLAN Edition - 2 Day Hits: 1354
CSI-IL-010 - Wi-Fi/WLAN Operations for CSR's - 1 Day Hits: 4259
CSI-HO-026 - Hands On Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi6/WLAN Operations - 2 Day Hits: 7617
CSI-HO-030 - Hands-On Understanding Security in WLAN/Wi-Fi Networks Hits: 1399
CSI-HO-028-C - BGP Routing in a Day - 1 Day Hits: 623
CSI-HO-001 - Hands-On TCP/IPv4 Fundamentals - 2 Day Hits: 5909
CSI-HO-001-B - Hands-On TCP/IP and Ethernet Fundamentals - 3 Day Hits: 9456
CSI-HO-001-C - Hands-On TCP/IP and Ethernet Fundamentals - 5 Day Hits: 10269
CSI-HO-006 - Hands-On Advanced IP Networks/Protocols Hits: 6190
CSI-HO-007 - IPv4 Addressing 101 Hits: 7695
CSI-HO-008 - Layer 3 IPv4 Routing 101 Hits: 7511
CSI-HO-028 - Hands-On Advanced L3 Routing with BGP and OSPF Hits: 1492
CSI-HO-028-B - OSPF Routing in a Day - 1 Day Hits: 664
CSI-HO-029 - Hands-On Security in IP Networks/Protocols Hits: 1026
CSI-IL-013 - Understanding VXLAN Hits: 962
CSI-HO-015 - Hands-On Quality of Service (QoS) Hits: 5202
CSI-SP-004 - IP Multicasting and IPTV Hits: 5358
CSI-HO-027 - Hands On GNS3 - 2 Day Hits: 2186
CSI-HO-016-D - IPv6 in a Day - 1 Day Hits: 670
CSI-HO-016 - Hands-On IPv6 - 2 Day Hits: 13752
CSI-HO-016-B - Hands-On IPv6 - 3 Day Hits: 14033
CSI-HO-016-C - Hands-On Ethernet and IPv6 - 2 Day Hits: 10648
CSI-HO-018 - Hands On Advanced IPv6 Hits: 8595
CSI-HO-018-B - Hands On Advanced IPv6 Security Hits: 1408
CSI-HO-020-L - Wireshark QUIC Analysis in a Day - 1 Day Hits: 318
CSI-HO-020 - Explore Packet Analysis with Wireshark Standard Edition - 3 Day Hits: 7037
CSI-HO-020-A - Explore Packet Analysis with Wireshark Standard Edition - 2 Day Hits: 18168
CSI-HO-020-B - Explore Packet Analysis with Wireshark - Data Center Edition - 2 Day Hits: 10585
CSI-HO-020-D - Explore Packet Analysis with Wireshark - Voice Edition - 2 Day Hits: 8182
CSI-HO-020-E - Explore Advanced Packet Analysis with Wireshark Hackathon - 1 Day Hits: 4449
CSI-HO-020-F - Explore Packet Analysis with Wireshark Security Edition - 2 Day Hits: 1335
CSI-HO-020-K - Wireshark Voice Analysis in a Day - 1 Day Hits: 756
CSI-HO-020-H - Wireshark IPv6 Analysis in a Day - 1 Day Hits: 767
CSI-HO-020-I - Wireshark Wi-Fi Analysis in a Day - 1 Day Hits: 755
CSI-HO-020-J - Wireshark TCP Analysis in a Day - 1 Day Hits: 811
CSI-HO-009-A - L2 Ethernet in a Day - 1 Day Hits: 582
CSI-HO-009 - Ethernet 101 Hits: 5797
CSI-HO-034 - Understanding 5G Technology and Terminology for Solutions Engineers and Account Managers - 1 Day Hits: 507
CSI-HO-033 - Understanding Wi-Fi 6 Technology and Terminology for Solutions Engineers and Account Managers - 1 Day Hits: 463
CSI-IL-015 - Understanding 5G Wireless Networks Hits: 1378
CSI-IL-016 - Advanced 5G Radio and Network Topics Hits: 1233
CSI-IL-009 - Wireless 5G 101 Foundation Hits: 4972
CSI-IL-010 - Wireless 5G 201 Advanced Hits: 1335
CSI-IL-003 - Wireless 4G 101 Foundation Hits: 12169
CSI-IL-004 - Wireless 4G 201 Advanced Hits: 11934
CSI-IL-006 - Understanding Wi-Fi 802.11 Fundamentals (formerly Wi-Fi 101 Foundation) Hits: 13051
CSI-IL-007 - Wi-Fi 5 - Very High Throughput (802.11ac) (formerly Wi-Fi 201 Advanced) Hits: 13012
CSI-HO-032 - Hands On Understanding Wi-Fi 6/6E - 2 Day Hits: 942
CSI-IL-005 - Understanding Wi-Fi Security with WPA2 and WPA3 (formerly Wi-Fi 401) Hits: 11071
CSI-IL-008 - Understanding Voice and Video over Wi-Fi (formerly Wi-Fi 301) Hits: 4248
CSI-HO-020-C - Explore Packet Analysis with Wireshark - Wireless Edition - 2 Day Hits: 12644
CSI-IL-011 - Enabling the IoT: Next Generation 802.11 WLAN's Hits: 4486
CSI-HO-022 - Enabling the IoT: Wireless Low Power and Lossy Networks (WLLNs) Hits: 12525
CSI-OL-007 - Enabling the IoT: The ZigBee Protocol (Self Paced version) Hits: 1586
CSI-HO-023 - Enabling the IoT: The ZigBee Protocol (Instructor Led version) Hits: 7105
CSI-HO-024 - Enabling the IoT: IEEE 802.15.4 for Low-Rate Wireless Sensor Networks Hits: 8539
CSI-HO-025 - Enabling the IoT: IEEE 802.11p Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (WAVE) Hits: 8350
CSI-HO-010 - MPLS 101 Hits: 9497
CSI-HO-011 - MPLS 201 Hits: 7283
CSI-HO-012 - MPLS 301 Hits: 11119
CSI-HO-013 - MPLS 401 Hits: 7030
CSI-HO-002 - Hands-On MPLS and Layer 3 VPNs Hits: 5636
CSI-HO-003 - Hands-On Advanced MPLS Functions Hits: 10292
CSI-HO-004 - Hands-On MPLS Traffic Engineering Hits: 4609
CSI-HO-005 - Hands-On MPLS Troubleshooting Skills Hits: 4215
CSI-IL-001 - Mastering Generalized MPLS (GMPLS) Hits: 6237
CSI-IL-002 - Mastering AToM - Any Transport over MPLS [VPLS, VPWS, and L2VPNs] Hits: 13299
CSI-TB-007 - QUIC Redefines the Transport Layer - A Technical Overview/Briefing Hits: 437
CSI-TB-006 - CBRS Solutions in the Enterprise Technical Overview/Briefing Hits: 338
CSI-TB-005 - Software Defined Networking Technical Overview/Briefing Hits: 9661
CSI-TB-002 - Virtualization Technology Overview/Briefing Hits: 11602
CSI-TB-003 - IPv6 Emerging Technology Overview/Briefing Hits: 11451
CSI-SP-CSR-CERT Customer Service Certification Program Hits: 697
CSI-SP-TECH-CERT Technician Certification Program Hits: 669
CSI-SP-006 - Enhancing the Customer Broadband Experience Hits: 1197
CSI-SP-001 - POTS to Pipes 1 Hits: 8005
CSI-SP-002 - POTS to Pipes 2 Hits: 6362
CSI-SP-003 - POTS to Pipes Front Office Hits: 7225

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