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TO:                  All Clients and Potential Clients


FROM:            Andrew Walding

                        President & Founder

                        CellStream Inc. --

                        9812 Zembriski Drive,

                        Plano, TX  75025



RE:                 Our Anti-Virus Policy


LAST UPDATED: 01/04/2011


  1. We make every effort to ensure files sent to our clients via e-mail, Internet, or disk are virus free – but we CANNOT guarantee it.
  2. We are registered users of Microsoft, Avast, Norton, and McAfee Virus Scanning products, that are the most widely used anti-virus programs worldwide. They are used by 80% of Fortune 1000 companies and over 60,000 organizations.
  3. According to the manufacturers of these Virus Scanning tools, their technology is routinely shown in lab tests to detect virtually all known viruses.  These include boot, file, multi-parties, stealth, mutating, encrypted, polymorphic and file/e-mail viruses.
  4. Because new viruses are created and released routinely, we make it our routine to upgrade and acquire the latest anti-virus products from the manufacturer web sites and by using their automatic update capabilities to maximize our protection levels.  We recommend that client running their products do the same.
  5. Even with these aggressive precautions, CellStream cannot guarantee transmissions to be virus free and we strongly urge clients to use virus-scanning software on all transmitted e-mail and files (web or disk) from CellStream Inc.
  6. If you open one of our files or e-mails and detect a virus, this does NOT mean the virus came from our end.  Files sent over the Internet can pick up viruses in transit.
  7. The only 100% foolproof protection against receiving a virus is to request that documents be faxed or printed and mailed.  You cannot get a virus from hard copy documents.
  8. If you have any problems with a virus in a file we send you, please notify us immediately: 866-659-1014.  If you are having virus problems in general, we can refer you to computer consultants who may be able to help.



At Your Service,




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