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Whether you are a business or home user, we depend on Wi-Fi Networking today more than ever.  This dependency is only going to increase.pexels photo 442150

Our expertise in Wireless combined with our deep networking background allows us to help anyone with issues of performance or operation of their Wi-Fi Network.

We understand the detailed operations and can swiftly do both a spectral analysis, packet analysis, and configuration analysis to help determine what could be impacting your network performance.

So many clients have experienced problems that did not exist previously.  Or, they have started using a new application that does not perform properly.  In some cases we find with proper configuration problems go away.  In others we find that we must leverage options in Wi-Fi to solve connectivity or performance problems.  

In any case, we build a solid body of evidence and understanding with out clients so that solutions make sense.  Further, we educate our clients so that future decisions are easier and more informed.  Plus we can help with tools and methods so that our clients can continue to monitor for problems.

Wi-Fi is complex.  We are here to help.

Contact Us here for more information or reach out to us via our Slack workspace here.


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