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Everything over the Internet Protocol (IPv4 or IPv6), Voice, Video, Data, Gaming...everything!

On the one hand, this trend has led us to the Internet of Things, new fabulous applications, new epic Internet based appliances and so much more.  On the other hand, the dependency on the protocol stack has led to applications being affected by the TCP/IP protocol stack.  pexels photo 267350

Networking used to be easy - things like addressing problems or routing/reachability issues.  Today with tools like load balancers, security appliances and virtualization, networking has become very complex.

Understanding the performance issues and protocol behaviors as they relate to application and device performance is a critical skill set.  Using protocol analysis such as Wireshark to not just dissect packet contents, but also to analyze the application or device performance to localize problems is the only way to get into the bits and bytes of communication in the Internet of Things.

At CellStream, we have been helping our clients to understand these type of problems since 1998.  

Sometimes it comes down to a single packet.  Sometimes it comes down to protocol stack behavior.  

In any case we have the expertise to solve complex networking problems.  Using packet capture and our extensive expertise with the Wireshark tool, we can help build the body of evidence to indicate the nature of issues like:

  • Performance Issues
  • Connectivity Issues
  • Errors
  • Inconsistency
  • Expected Behavior

We can do this is fiber, wireline, and wireless network environments.

Contact Us here if you would like to understand more and/or reach out to us at our Slack workspace here.

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